LI-255 indicates GOOD or BAD of the IC working on a circuit board by comparing with the standard IC of the same type, also checks the function of the IC on the panel individually.
APPLICATION: TTL & CMOS, PACKAGE: dual in line, PIN NO.: max. 16p, CLOCK PULSE: manual/10kHz, PWR: AC 100V, SIZE: 230×170×150mm, 1.8kg
Displays OP amp's input offset voltage, input bias and offset current, maximum output voltage on 3 1/2 LED display. Also checks open loop gain and CMRR. Lever type test socket for single, dual, quad type IC and 8-pin CAN type socket adapter. Operation check for Comparator IC.
VOS: 0 〜 ± 19.99V, IB, IOS: 0 〜 ±1999nA, VO: ±19.99V, AV: 1000 〜 0.5V/mV, CMRR: 1000 〜 0.5V/mV (120 〜 54db), PWR: AC100V, SIZE: 230×145×130mm, 1.7kg
105 checks transistors including FETs, diodes and SCRs under their operating conditions. The results are displayed on 3 1/2 digit LCD.
hFE (PWR): 1 〜 199.9, max. IC : 1A, hFE (SIGNAL): 1 〜 1999, max. IC : 20mA, ICBO : 0.1μA 〜 199.9μA, FET gm: 0.1mS 〜 199.9mS, IDSS : 0.1mA 〜 199.9mA, DIODE IF: 0.2A (PWR), 10mA (DET), IR: 0.1μA 〜 199.9μA, SCR VGT : 0.01V 〜 8V, PWR: AC 100V, SIZE: 200×155×110mm, 1.8kg
3001D tests shorts or leakage between electrodes, gm, cathode emission and residual gas of the amplifier tubes for the electronic equipments. The electrode voltage and current are adjustable and displayed on digital panel meters as well as gm. Tests diodes, rectifiers.
PWR: AC 100V, SIZE: 600×400×250mm, 30kg
10 Turn helical potentiometer and 3 1/2 digit LCD are used for the balancing arm of the advanced manual bridge D1S to display R, C and L within the accuracy ±0.2%, ±1 dgt. D, Q, Rs and Hi.Q are also displayed on LCD after the balance is obtained.
R: 0.001ohm 〜 19.99Mohm, DC-R(auto): 1ohm 〜 19.99Mohm, C: 1pF 〜 19990μF, L: 0.1μH 〜 1999H, Basic Accuracy: ±0.2%, D: 0.001 〜 100, Q: 0.001 〜 199, ∞, DC bias for C and L, OSC: 1kHz/EXT., PWR: R6 ×8 ±6V, SIZE: 230×173×130mm, 2.5kg.
4 decade precision bridge with variable frequency oscillator, 1kHz/120Hz/FLAT tunable amplifier, R phase, offset compensator and variable inner standards.
R: 0.0001ohm 〜 120Mohm, DC-R: 1ohm 〜 100kohm, Cs or Cp: 0.01pF 〜 120mF (option: max.1.2F), Ls or Lp: 0.01μH 〜 12000H, Basic accuracy: ±0.2%, Resolution: 0.005%, Rs: 0.1ohm 〜 11110ohm ±0.5%, T (turn ratio): 1:1E4 〜 1:1E-5, FREQ: 120, 300, 1k, 3k, 10kHz/EXT., DC BIAS for C and L, PWR: AC 100V, SIZE: 400×300×180mm, 6.5kg.
High speed, auto ranging 3 frequency LCR meter D-57 displays C, L, R, G and D, Q in twin 3 1/2 digit LEDs. Features DC-R mode to measure DC resistance of transformer windings.
R: 0.001ohm 〜 1.999Mohm, C: 0.01pF 〜 19.90mF, L:0.01μH 〜 1999H, G: 0.001μS 〜 19.99S, D: 0.001 〜 19.9, Q: 0.050 〜 199, DC-R: 0.01ohm 〜 19.99Mohm, FREQ: 10kHz, 1kHz, 120Hz, Basic accuracy: ±0.5% for R, G, C, L, PWR: AC 100V, SIZE: 280×120×380mm, 5kg.
AC and battery operated paint film testers evaluate the durability of painted film on the metal board by measuring AC impedance such as capacitance and conductance without destroying the test pieces. The bridge type U-1MS, digital type D-50A and D-55A are available.
Designed to test an open-circuited long submarine optical cable using the capacitance measuring method. The instrument consists of a capacitance meter board (KC-3000) and a standard capacitance board (KS-3000) for calibration.
[KC-3000] : Range: 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000, 3000μF, Test voltage: ±100V, PWR: AC 100 〜 120V or AC 220 〜 240V. [KS-3000] : Capacitor value: 1, 2, 7, 20, 70, 200, 700, 2000μF, Capacitors can be summed with switches. SIZE: 490×750×450mm, 65kg.
Digital dip meter measures LC resonant frequency, generates RF signal in CW or AM and counts weak signal by heterodyne method at quartz accuracy. Also useful to measure unknown L or C by the aid of optional standard 100pF, standard 100μH, or calibrated variable capacitor VC-740.
DMC-200A: 1.5MHz 〜 200MHz, 4 digit. Compact & light weight.
DMC-230S2: 0.4MHz 〜 200MHz, 6 digit. Precision & fine tuning.
DMC-50 : 0.1MHz 〜 50MHz, 5 digit. With case & AC adapter.
DMC-470S: 47 MHz 〜 470MHz, 5 digit. VC diode tuning, CW & FM.
Frequency accuracy: ±0.005%, PWR: R6×4 (DMC-200A) or R6×6 (others). SIZE: 70×40×165mm, 589g (DMC-200A), 85×55×185mm, 930g (others).
AZ1-HF is the radio frequency bridge to measure the resonant frequency f0 , impedance R and X of the antenna for the best matching. Also measures Z0, velocity factor and 1/2 wavelength of the coaxial cable. It contains the oscillator with 4 digit counter as the RF signal source. It works also as a signal generator, heterodyne frequency meter and field strength comparator.
FREQ. RANGE: 1.5MHz 〜 150MHz, R: 5ohm 〜 450ohm, X: ±24pF (VHF), ±650pF (HF), OSC: 1.5MHz〜200MHz with 4 digit counter, Resolution: 1kHz, PWR: R6×6, SIZE: 260×180×90mm, 1.85kg.
Compact Q meters with digital frequency display.
FREQ.: 0.5MHz 〜 50MHz (651), 0.6MHz 〜 100MHz (661), Basic accuracy: ±2%, Q(approx.): 20 〜 100, 100 〜 400, SIZE: 325×135×110mm, 2.3kg.
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